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L'eau Swiss

Deep Peeling

Deep Peeling

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Cleanse your pores deeply but smoothly

Did you know that dead skin cells pile up on top of your face clogging your pores? If you do nothing to get rid of them, this leads to pimples and blackheads.

For your skin to always look beautiful, deep and gentle exfoliation is the key!

Formulated to cleanse intensely your pores, this deep peeling is a youth therapy. Purged from dead skin cells and bacteria, your skin looks smoother, brighter... like brand new!

Enriched with a blend of Lactic Acid and Papaya Enzyme to target hyper-pigmentation (also called “age spots”), this antioxidant peeling creates a perfect shield to protect your skin from outside daily aggressors. To keep your skin smooth and moisturized, it contains Glycerin a natural humectant, acting as a gentle moisture-locking agent.

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Why Eau Swiss?

High performance skincare brought to you to respect nature and your nature. Our concept is simple - clean, moisturize and hydrate. Your skin deserves the best products.