Expertise to serve innovation
Created by a team of beauty professionals, L’Eau Swiss is a lifetime dream: offering a skincare brand without artifice focusing on one rare, potent and highly beneficial skin key ingredient. Years of expertise in the beauty care area helped us keep what is best and make it better to develop a modern and pure skincare range in line with today’s expectations.

We are proud to make this dream come true and invite you to dive in the magical world of L’Eau Swiss!





Respect Nature and your nature

Our starting point was a simple mantra: if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, our skin is the mirror of our health. Our skin is not only a body envelope, it tells our life story and protects us all life long, so taking care of it daily is utterly important.

After years of scientific research on skin health, our cosmetologists have developed high-tech formulas inspired by mechanisms observed in nature. Powerful, incommensurable and beautiful, nature revealed us serious secrets we put in our ethical lines, dedicated to your skin well being.


Snow Algae
The stunning glacier caps of the Swiss Alps have been known
for decades for their ability to combat premature aging signs. Algae Snow flex
grows only in the Alps or in a polar climate that has permanent snow, each
season increasing its levels of nutrients, keeping it free of environmental

The production of Algae Snow flex powder is a sustainable
tailor made process that allows the preservation of all the qualities of Algae
and utilizes it for the perfect delivery system!