Respect Nature and your nature

Our starting point was a simple mantra: if the eyes are
the mirror of the soul, our skin is the mirror of our health. Our skin is not only a body envelope, it tells our life story and protects us all life long, so taking care of it daily is utterly important.

After years of scientific research on skin health, our cosmetologists have developed high-tech formulas inspired by mechanisms observed in nature. Powerful, incommensurable and beautiful, nature revealed us serious secrets we put in our ethical lines, dedicated to your skin well being.

Our Story

Expertise to serve innovation
Created by a team of beauty professionals, L’Eau Swiss is a lifetime dream: offering a skincare brand without artifice focusing on one rare, potent and highly beneficial skin key ingredient. Years of expertise in the beauty care area helped us keep what is best and make it better to develop a modern and pure skincare range in line with today’s expectations.

We are proud to make this dream come true and invite you to dive in the magical world of L’Eau Swiss!


Snow Algae
In studying plants in hostile environments, our cosmetologists made a surprising discovery: Chlamydomonas Nivalis or simpler Snow Algae.
This unicellular plant grows at the top of some of the highest mountains in the world, like Swiss Alps. Smitten in permanent snow at more than 3000m (9850ft) high, Snow Algae is resistant to polar temperatures, UV rays, strong wind thanks to a complex self-defence and regeneration mechanism: and it raised our cosmetologists interest.
In developing formulas concentrated in Snow Algae extracts, our products “force” skin cells to recreate naturally the self-defence mechanism of this incredible plant. This active cellular work increases cells longevity, regenerates skin faster and helps it fight efficiently against premature ageing.

The result? Your skin is protected, stronger and healthier: purely beautiful!




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